Document Title
BR-14-00-004 High Voltage Gloves and Electrical Safety Hook Requirements
BR-14-10-004 Structural Repairs
BR-14-10-006 Parameters for Baking Vehicles After Painting
BR-14-10-009 Paint Systems That Meet Tesla Warranty Requirements
BR-14-92-001 Computer Requirements for Toolbox
BR-15-16-001 High Voltage Battery Damage
BR-15-92-008 Approved Structural Adhesives and Urethane Sealants
BR-15-92-010 Approved GMA Welding Wires for Structural Repairs
BR-16-00-002 Repair Guidelines for Parts, Fasteners, and Structural Adhesives
BR-16-00-003 Calibrating the Driver Assistance System
BR-16-00-004 Disable Remote Access When the Vehicle is at the Body Shop
BR-16-10-008 Structural Repair Procedures Not Requiring a Frame Bench
BR-16-92-001 Approved Fasteners and Fastener Installation Tools for Structural Repairs
BR-16-92-006 Approved Frame Bench Systems
BR-16-92-007 Approved Welders
BR-17-10-006 Recommended Urethane Adhesive for Roadster Front Crash Structure