Tesla Service and Repair Information

Tesla Service information includes repair manuals, service documents, wiring diagrams and parts information. Register for a subscription account or contact us for more information.
Tesla Approved Body Shops
Complete the Certification Program to become an official Tesla Approved Body Shop and receive complimentary Account access.
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General Access accounts vary by region and provide a variety of subscriptions: Personal Access for individuals, Business Access for companies, Industry Access for Insurance, and Body Shop Access for official Tesla Approved Body Shops with a Tesla Certification ID.
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24 HR.

Roadster Service Information

Tesla is making available the legacy Roadster Service and Parts manuals without a subscription as a courtesy. Tesla strongly recommends that all maintenance, service and repairs be done at a Tesla Service Center or Tesla-authorized repair facility by qualified personnel. Tesla makes no express warranties on any and all work performed by non-Tesla personnel on Roadster vehicles, with or without the use of the provided manuals, and all such work is done at such individuals’ own risk.